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The Vision

The vision of is a dual vision.


Number one is to take Bibles and give them to Pastors and faithful believers that have none.

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Number two is to provide an online library that everyone can read and in doing so come to the stature and fullness of Christ so freely offered all men. (Ephesians 4:13)


This has been birthed over the years from the heart of Pastor James O’Connor the international director of Equipping the Saints International. In being led by the Lord to minister in various nations across SE Asia and also in Liberia West Africa his burden has increased. He has witnessed the needs for Bibles and books in these places and also in the outer boundaries of Mexico and various other nations.


God’s providence has taken him not to the developed Church but instead to the poor and hungry souls on the outer fringes of the Christian faith. There he found the pastors and believers without Bibles and without the resources or avenues to obtain them. They live without any avenue or hope of exposure to the writings of

God’s servants. He found older people who when he gave them a Bible weeping and confessing that for many years, they had prayed for God to bring them a Bible.

While having the privilege and joy of providing Bibles to the pastors and churches and discovering people fasting and praying for someone to come brought a joy to his heart that cannot be exaggerated. As Pastor Jim gave his life and resources to this the burden has continued to grow. It was from this he received a calling from God to stand in the gap and dedicate his life to meet this need. Thus, this website ministry was born.

We covet your prayers.

People Carrying Boxes of Bibles

We believe that we are to ask for a monthly subscription from those who are able to give. This will provide the subscriber an online library of hard-to-find Christian books and provide the support for this ministry to continue to take the message of Christ to the ends of the earth.


Obviously, the people we go to will not have the money for a monthly subscription so we will be providing it to them with no charge or hidden fees as we give them the Bibles and other resources.


Please pray for us, join us, and ask God if you too should come and serve with us as others are now doing.  

Let’s Work Together

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