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101 Questions & Answers on Demon Powers

The Bible states in Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge….” Dr. Lester Sumrall made it his life’s mission to supply people with knowledge. In the realm of demonology, his extensive studies and real-life experiences gathered in over 60 years of ministry to over 100 nations made him an expert on the subject—so much so that he was called as an expert witness on the subject in the connection with a murder case by the largest criminal court in the United States. During these times, the reality of an unseen evil world is becoming more and more obvious. We can no longer ignore it, and we must learn how to deal with it. This book contains 101 of the questions Dr. Sumrall was asked regarding the work of satanic and demonic powers. The questions and biblically based answers contained in this book are intended to equip the followers of Christ with the knowledge needed to free individuals, communities or even nations from any force of the devil.



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