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A Prophet Is Not Without Honor Save In His Own Country

We read in Mark 3:21 where Jesus’ friends came to get him because they thought he was out of his mind. From the time Jesus was 12 years old forward no one understood what God was doing in his life except him. Later as he visited his hometown it tells us he could not do many miracles there because of their disbelief.

This is so very true for us also as we begin our journey of faith. As we answer the calling Jesus desires to fulfill in our lives.

When we like Joseph tell our family, they many times will think we are being proud and putting them down. When our life keeps going in the opposite direction we must still believe “dreams are of God.”

When we like David have faith in our God for our promotion and are being criticized by our elder brothers we will wonder as he did. “What have I now done?”

Never let what’s outside of you steal the vision God has put inside of you.

Too many times our elders try to put their armor on us and tell us we must prove ourselves in Jerusalem first.

Don’t go there! Nothing is impossible with God. He will not tell you of his plan and then pull the rug from beneath your feet. Keep your faith and know he who has begun this good work will bring you to your victory.

Abraham was fully aware of everything that made the promise of God impossible and yet against this evidence he continued to believe God and, in the end, realized the promise.

Let us continue to believe in God, for to us who believe in the end all things God has shown us will be fulfilled.

For nothing is impossible with God.

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