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A Village On The Mekong River

Updated: May 19

It was terribly hot that day. We were in the city of Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia. A few days previous a 16-year-old woman had come to me and said she had been fasting and praying for someone to go down the Mekong River and share Christ with her village because they had not heard the Gospel.

When I asked her what church, she went to, she said she did not have a church. She told me she had come to the city for school and was staying with her Grand Mother. It was there she found a Bible and had been converted to Christ. In reading it she told me she discovered when someone fasted and prayed God would answer their prayer. We had rented a boat and were now on our way.

When we arrived at the village, we found the houses had small temples on the corners of their properties where they placed their offering to their Gods so they would not hurt them.

After a half hour or so we obtained permission to minister from the head elder of the village. I then shared the Gospel with a group of about thirty or so. After leading them to Christ, we asked if we could pray with them. We prayed for two younger women and then we began to pray for an older woman and her daughter. 

The older woman who I found out later was the head elder of the village stood up and began to wave her arm and talk in a loud voice. I thought she was upset. I turned to the young woman interpreting for me and asked her what was wrong. She told me there was nothing wrong. The woman was telling everyone when we prayed, her arm that she had not been able to use had been healed and that she could see everyone clearly again.

After we were finished and were preparing to get in the boat the interpreter came and told me they wanted me to cut their belts off. I asked her what in the world for. She said they all wore belts to keep the evil spirits from hurting them. They told her they would not need them any more for they knew now they would be safe in Jesus. To God be the glory!

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