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Absolute Surrender

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Published posthumously in 1897, Murray's groundbreaking manual led to renewed interest in his life and works both in the United States and worldwide. His instructions, while simple in tone, are shot through with devotion and moving encouragement to trust in, and surrender to, the divine. As well as spiritual guidance, this book effectively summarizes Murray's attitude to faith and spiritual growth.

This book imparts several tenets to the reader; that God requires the humbling of his adherents. Upon witnessing such change in aspiring believers, he imparts love and fortune that the believer may dispense unto others. Thus it is crucial for the pious Christian to engage in absolute surrender in order to truly adhere to the principles of the Lord.

A career spent preaching in South Africa saw Murray educate and convert thousands of believers to the Christian faith. Throughout his career he would author dozens of books and pamphlets, many of which gained great and lasting influence with believers all over the world. He was a great supporter of the missionary work which proceeded apace in the 19th century, and would encourage many of his own congregation to embark on such missions.

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