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Adventuring With Christ

THIS special commemorative edition of Adventuring With Christ is being issued in honor of Dr. Lester Sumrall's seventy-fifth birth- day. This volume, first published in England and America fifty years ago, is Brother Sumrall’s account of his first missionary journey which took him around the world. The primitive conditions and means of travel of half a century ago did not stop or hinder Lester Sumrall and his mentor Dr. Howard Carter as they ventured with Christ through the down-under, the wonderous Orient, the forbidden heights of the Tibetan Himalayas, the frozen waste lands of Siberia and Nazi- dominated Europe.

You will thrill to the account of God’s provision and direction in this around-the-world miracle journey. After reading this introductory testimonial, you will certainly wish to read other of Lester Sumrall's biographical works detailing his ministry and missionary experiences. May we suggest Run With The Vision or My Story For His Glory.



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