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“Christ’s message of faith and power sets th human spirit free. Thi is the message I share with you: ‘If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed,’” says Lester Sumrall. From the pages of Scripture an his own walk of faith, Dr. Sumrall shares a life-changing discovery: the secret of overflowing, God-given happiness.

This book will encourage you to move beyond mere survival to an experience of joy.

Our world has misguided notions About ecstasy. Novels, films, and television extol an ecstasy that is cheap, shallow, and temporary.

“God created us to know intense delight every day of our lives,” notes Dr. Sumrall. “Christ can set your spirit to singing and you heart to laughing. Man´s restless search for pleasure can only be met in Christ.”

This practical book helps the Reader discover and nourish true Christian ecstasy and warns of the things that destroy the Christian´s abiding sense of joy. 




The books available on Bibles and Books have undergone reformatting, including changes limited to formatting and fonts, with explicit permission obtained from the authors and/or authorized copyright holders. We have carefully selected these books after fasting and prayer, believing them to be powerful and anointed works by spirit-filled authors who have moved in the power of the Holy Ghost. Our aim in the reformatting process was to enhance readability and reader-friendliness, while fully preserving the original words and intellectual property of the rightful owners without any alteration.


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We do not sell Bibles, but instead we take them to the poorest and most remote places around the world and donate them to those who will never have one if we do not give it to them.


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