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Healing In Every Book Of The Bible

There is no one who can speak of healing like someone who has experienced it; Dr. Lester

Sumrall was one of those people.

At the ripe young age of 16, Lester Sumrall became sick to the point of death. His family lived in what would have been considered a healthy community, Panama City, Florida, yet he contracted TB, a dreaded disease for which there was no cure.

This, however, was not left without intense prayer. Lester’s mother was a Bible-believing Christian, an intense believer who was not about to give up on young Lester. She had daily prayer meetings at his bedside and believed for his healing, yet he was slipping physically.

His illness continued for weeks and months, and at the age of 17 he was told that he would die, possibly within those next three hours. The doctor came to the house, did an examination and told his parents they could pick up his death certificate the next day at his office—there was no hope.

That night, Lester suddenly had a vision, a vision that changed his life forever. God spoke to him and gave him a choice: accept healing and live for God, preaching and telling people of the miracle God would do, or die that night. Lester chose to live and preach.

His decision led him on an amazing journey, one that took him to every corner of the earth. He preached to millions of people during his 66 years of ministry, and it led to the creation of a ministry that continues to reach out to the untold billions who are yet untold.

In this book by Dr. Sumrall, you will see that God desires for His people to be healed, so much so that God indeed talks about it in every book of the Bible.

Healing is for us; healing is for today. Be encouraged as you read this book, knowing that healing is for you, your family and for all believers. Be blessed and believe for healing in every area of your life.

Yours for the untold billions yet untold,

Pete Sumrall



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