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Legacy Of Faith

I want to thank you for very carefully looking at the pictures of my life story and reading of the happenings in my ministry. Life to me has been very exciting and very fulfilling. I can only witness that God is certainly good and merciful. I am so glad to be a servant of the Most High God.

As you finish this book, I want you to know that this is not the last page of my life's story. As Moses was 80 years old when he began his mighty crusade to set the nation of Israel free from Egyptian bondage, as an octogenarian I will reach out with total strength and compassion to this generation and especially the youth who are preparing themselves to challenge the last decade of this century.

Be assured of my prayers and of my love!

It is a great pleasure for me to dedicate this book to all those beautiful loved ones and friends who blessed my life and assisted in shaping and molding my destiny.

To my mother, Betty Sumrall, who prayed for me from the day I was born un- til the day she died and went to Heaven. She was a perpetual blessing in my destiny. To Howard Carter of London, England, who received from the Lord a young American and accepted traveling with him. Though he was twice my age, he treated me as a brother and was one of my closest friends.

To my friend and brother in Christ, Smith Wigglesworth, who was so willing to share with me his experiences of miracles throughout the world and also was truly glad when I would take time to visit him in Bradford, England. I can never for- get such a friend.

To my lovely wife, Louise Layman Sumrall, who has faithfully stood beside me for nearly fifty years of married life. She has been a constant inspiration and never held back when it was time to advance.

To my sons, Frank, Steve and Peter, who are gifts of the Lord and who have brought much comfort to their mother and father. We both cherish them and are so grateful for our three sons.

Lester Sumrall



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