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In the middle of the night, so long ago, in a city so far away, a man whose name we will never know, held a rope for an unknown man. This man was escaping those who were seeking to kill him. His only crime was his proclaiming Jesus as Savior and Lord. This unknown man holding the rope at that moment held the destiny of the Church in his hand.

Just think, if he had let go of the rope that night no one would have ever known this Saul of Tarsus, later to be known as the apostle Paul.

There would have been no missionary journeys, no young man raised from the dead, no demon cast out of the young girl, The crippled man of Lystra would have never walked, Publius’ father would have died of the bloody flux, Timothy and Titus would have remained unusable, and at least 13 of the books in the New Testament wouldn’t be there.

Sometimes the little things we do that seem so small and insignificant to us, in the purpose of God are really the great things we were born for. There is an old saying: for the loss of a nail the shoe was lost, for loss of the shoe a horse was lost, for the loss of the horse a soldier was lost, for loos of the soldier the battle was lost, for loss of the battle the war was lost, for loss of the war the nation was lost.

When we give a Bible to someone, pray a prayer, and lend someone our hand, we will never know how great the seed we planted truly is until we get to heaven. Let us not grow weary in well doing and let us not be so consumed with our own selves, we miss the opportunity to give in love to others in their need.

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