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The Heart of the Father

We read in 1 Samuel chapter 10 the account of David and his men returning to Ziklag only to find their wives and all their possessions having been taken away during their absence. Ater inquiring of God and being told he was to pursue them and recover all, David and his six hundred men immediately went. Being without rest when they came to the brook Besor two hundred of the men were so faint they could not go on. David continued to pursue with the remaining four hundred men. As we continue reading, we find they did overtake the Amalekites and recovered all. There was nothing lacking to them, neither small nor great, neither sons or daughters, neither spoil, nor anything they had taken to them, David recovered all.  The problem came when they got back to the two hundred and some of the wicked men said they don’t get an equal share. The great king David then revealed the heart of God and his heart in saying “but as his part is that goes down to the battle, so shall his part be that remained by the stuff.

There are times when we just can’t keep up. We see others winning the battles and we aren’t even in the fight. Aren’t you glad it tells us in Second Corinthians 8:12 it is accepted according to what a man has and not according to what he doesn’t have (possess). I am so glad God looks upon our hearts and not our success nor circumstance. Don’t let the devil get you to comparing yourself with others and thinking you are less than God’s best. That maybe you aren’t all God wants you to be. That simply isn’t true. As Paul said, “when I am at my weakest I am then at my strongest.” When we are in Christ, we are complete and accepted by our God. He loves us with an everlasting never changing love. Oh, return unto your rest oh my soul for the Lord has dealt bountifully with me.

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